PTO Positive Break ✌

So day in and day out, I count my blessings. I point out the positive and refuse to let a few mess ups along the way dictate what kind of day it actually is. I even compare my life's problems to others, (who doesn't honestly?) I tell myself that others have it worse and that... Continue Reading →

3 Daily Successors

What is a successor? An act of investment to better what's around you and within you. Taking the big and the small victories follows when that successor is achieved. I try daily to enjoy each of my 3 successors. There is no set order or time to finish them, I don't have a buzzer or... Continue Reading →

Moving Around While Staying Put

Spending all day inside can mean family time, self investment time, productive time, maybe a mixture... or it can cause restlessness and pure insanity if not approached correctly. Let's avoid that shall we?   *Image: Tattle Life What all the above options have in common is TIME. Can you recall the last time you said... Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Peace

Peace is such a beautiful thing and our circumstances should not have as much power in altering that within us. But they seem to. What brings peace to you? What keeps it going? I respect everyone's definitions of peace and I have shared my peace below. For me, peace is freedom. Freedom from God has... Continue Reading →

Healthy Habits

The amount of gratitude and amazement that I feel for God goes beyond words. I have a never failing and always creative God. He knows how to reach us in ways only he can. You ever make a change,  stop doing one important thing a week and see it create a negative ripple effect? Maybe... Continue Reading →

4 Unusual Healthy Snacks:

So when you type "Healthy Snacks" into Google or my personal favorite, Pinterest, you find the same ol' same ol'. Typically the first thing that pops up is apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, that type of thing. Not that I am hating, I eat those too! I just wish there was a bit... Continue Reading →

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